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Restaurant Al Iwan (Al Ivan)

  • Kitchen:
  • Service
  • Interior
  • Al Iwan (Al Ivan)
  • Al Iwan (Al Ivan)
  • Al Iwan (Al Ivan)
  • Al Iwan (Al Ivan)
  • Al Iwan (Al Ivan)
  • Location

    • Джумейра (Jumeirah)
  • Kitchen:

    • Arab
  • Features

    • Oriental dance
    • Home delivery
    • Schools near water
    • The presence of alcohol
    • The hotel
    • Restaurant
    • Shows
  • Average check

    • More than 3000 rubles
  • Smoking room

    • No
  • VIP lounge

    • Yes

About the institution

If you think you know all about the Arab luxury and hospitality, we are glad you are pleased \"to disappoint\". Burj Al Arab is famous for its restaurants and excellent service, and Al Iwan (al Ivan) is a great addition to his magical luxury and unique sense of style. 23 February 2013, when this restaurant opened its doors to lovers of fine cuisine, the flow of people wanting to dive into this splendor, despite a pretty impressive check, everything increases. This is the place where you will feel almost a king, a reason the restaurant name in Arabic means \"Royal hall\". The one who at least once visited this Royal hall, tried stunningly delicious dishes from world-renowned chefs, felt so genuine Arabic hospitality, will not forget this ever.


Here you can enjoy the masterpieces of Arabic cuisine, which will treat visitors to the restaurant from the entrance. Attentive and helpful waiters will offer each guest a signature drink which was presented earlier, only the Royal family is delightfully tasty and unusual milk with almonds. While you are viewing the original design of the institution, try delicious dates noble varieties Majhoul and drink their rose water (rose not because the color of her so,but because it is imbued with the rose petals). Moroccan or Arabian cuisine - and it is a generally accepted fact that the most delicious, exquisite and skillfully rich variety of spices. So to start with Arabic cuisine need here.


The interiors of the Al Iwan restaurant - a truly Royal, especially intensifies this impression in the evening, when hundreds of flickering candles illuminate the rich interior, executed in gold and red tones, shades, always in the UAE is perceived with wealth and prosperity. Dishes on the tables - only spectacularly beautiful, often - porcelain or gold, wine glasses is just a work of art. Comfortable seats, as well stylishly decorated, complete the picture of the king\'s hall.


Since the Arabic flavor would not be complete without a business card - belly dancing, this restaurant 2 times a day, you can see the charming dancers. The first statement can be seen at 19.45, and the second an hour later. Duration - 15 minutes. The perfect addition to a romantic dinner.

Mode of operation:

  • Lunch: from 12.00 to 15.30 (last order at 14: 30) Dinner: 18.00-24.00 (last orders at 23.30)


  • , Dubai First floor, Burj Al Arab - Dubai UAE (Burj-al-Arab Hotel \"Parus\" first floor)
  • +971 4 301 7600

Reviews: 6


  • hipster01

    hipster01 30 October 2014 14:07

    the restaurant was very memorable - especially the waiters are fast, smiling and very polite) was taken just a lot of fun!

  • genya_voronova

    genya_voronova 28 October 2014 13:19

    The service is on the highest level! Very pleasant impression left by friendly waiters and pleasant atmosphere inside)

  • professor_x

    professor_x 24 October 2014 10:45

    Excellent restaurant cuisine of the middle East, with quality food and service.

  • mr.beers

    mr.beers 19 October 2014 11:09

    A good place to dine with family. A bit too expensive and the portions are quite small, but all very tasty and served in first class!

  • shelly_queen

    shelly_queen 16 October 2014 15:17

    Delightful furnished inside and serve you quickly and politely, but the portions of food are small - you have to order a few to feast upon.

  • katerina78

    katerina78 13 October 2014 13:30

    The restaurant is awesome! Everything is so solemnly and ceremoniously - guests in formal attire, at the entrance, visitors are greeted by the doorman, and the waiters are very polite and quickly decorate and bring order. Was satisfied with the visit, along with her husband)

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