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Restaurant Plaj (Plai)

  • Kitchen:
  • Service
  • Interior
  • Plaj (Plai)
  • Plaj (Plai)
  • Plaj (Plai)
  • Plaj (Plai)
  • Plaj (Plai)
  • Plaj (Plai)
  • Plaj (Plai)
  • Plaj (Plai)
  • Plaj (Plai)
  • Location

    • Джумейра (Jumeirah)
  • Kitchen:

    • Asian
    • Eastern
    • European
    • International
    • Lebanese
    • Fish
    • Mediterranean
    • Japanese
  • Features

    • Schools near water
    • The presence of alcohol
    • The hotel
    • Sports bar
  • Average check

    • More than 3000 rubles
  • Smoking room

    • No
  • VIP lounge

    • No

About the institution

Cozy outdoor beach Plaj restaurant on the Gulf coast is a true delight: and dinner, and the views and sea air. Small cozy tables, almost on the beach, in the autumn of green branches of the huge trees, the slow sound of the waves - that\'s what allows you to relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and excellent cuisine. This restaurant is suitable for all, as it serves delicious international and Japanese cuisine, only you should have at least 350 AED. Food is fresh, the kitchen is great, the rest - absolutely!


Kitchen in Plai - international and Japanese. Here you can enjoy traditional European dishes and the freshest seafood. A lot of sweets and Goodies for children, a large selection of alcohol for adults. All prepared quickly, delicious and truly delicious.


The restaurant is located on the beach, on the beach. Clean terrace with wooden floors, high accurate tables, lots of flowers and greenery - a cool oasis in the middle of a hot beach. In the middle of the terrace-original-hour bar where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail or enjoy a refreshing stronger drinks.


You relax as a family, and to hold an informal meeting, which is mandatory in such a situation will bring a good result. Here, take cash and cards Visa, MasterCard. Clothing style-free, casual.

Mode of operation:

  • Daily, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.


  • , Dubai Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Beachside, Palm Jumeirah , Dubai UAE
  • +971 4 453 0444

Reviews: 6


  • shipoopy

    shipoopy 30 October 2014 14:26

    wonderful place! food is cooked very quickly and efficiently, and views of the beach in the evening is simply gorgeous!

  • kate_pit_kok

    kate_pit_kok 28 October 2014 15:14

    The restaurant menu is more like a bar than on all items. Food is cooked very tasty and quick, and a relaxed atmosphere on the terrace in the fresh air relaxes and brings a lot of fun!

  • beauty_baby

    beauty_baby 27 October 2014 15:48

    Perhaps the best place to stay with friends until late! Cozy restaurant is conveniently located next to the beach, and Asian cuisine here is beyond praise. The interior here at home is comfortable, so you can indulge in relaxation and enjoyment)

  • rozalinne

    rozalinne 20 October 2014 16:49

    Comfortable restaurant with very comfortable sofas in the fresh air. Kitchen - just Otpad!)

  • queen_1987

    queen_1987 14 October 2014 12:40

    Excellent restaurant - here you can spend a nice romantic dinner) but clearly not enough waiters - order take long because of the abundance of guests, but otherwise everything was great!

  • inter_scope

    inter_scope 10 October 2014 18:31

    Cozy restaurant - sofas, beautiful sea views, great food. From visiting only positive feelings. :)

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