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Restaurant Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe

  • Kitchen:
  • Service
  • Interior
  • Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe
  • Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe
  • Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe
  • Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe
  • Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe
  • Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe
  • Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe
  • Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe
  • Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe
  • Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe
  • Location

    • Джумейра (Jumeirah)
  • Kitchen:

    • Arab
    • International
    • Italian
    • Lebanese
  • Features

    • Live music
    • Hookah
    • Karaoke
    • Cafe
    • The shop
    • Smoking is permitted
    • Summer veranda
    • Smoking
    • Nightclub
    • Restaurant
    • Sushi and rolls
  • Average check

    • 1000-1499 rubles
  • Smoking room

    • No
  • VIP lounge

    • No

About the institution

Sul Fiume Restaurant & Cafe opened in 2012, was conceived as a youth café-restaurant, and since it is the most popular place among young people who love tasty and inexpensive food and good fun. It is a place of good music, karaoke, the best in town Shisha and delicious food. From morning until late at night there are many visitors, all eat a lot, talk, atmosphere, maybe a bit somewhata, but very friendly.


The main kitchen in the restaurant is Italian, but in the menu you will see and Lebanese and Arabic cuisine, so we can say that this is an international restaurant-café. An interesting combination of sweet Lebanese dishes with spicy Italian give a very interesting taste. Delicious meat dishes are wonderfully complemented by a variety of salads, side dishes. A lot of sweets and soft drinks, cocktails.


In Sul Fiume all designed in a modern style, but with a claim to the Italian style of Arabian luxury. Not Italy, of course, but a very pleasant place to relax. A lot of electricity, large lamps hanging from the ceiling, and, at the same time, lighting is romantic! Small tables, standing close to each other, soft chairs and relaxes and arouses a feeling of real relaxation.


The restaurant Sol FIM dress-code - free, payment - any. The institution is a great place to have fun and have a good time. Although alcohol will not see, but a lot of fun without it.

Mode of operation:

  • Daily, from 9 a.m. to 2.30 in the morning


  • , Dubai Al Safa - Dubai - UAE
  • 04 346 7909

Reviews: 6


  • mr.beers

    mr.beers 29 October 2014 18:38

    A small restaurant where you can enjoy perfectly cooked Lebanese food. Also I would hookah - it can ignite as it should

  • jer_koh

    jer_koh 26 October 2014 17:13

    Very nice small cafe where it should go, to enjoy with your morning flavored coffee and delicious cakes:)

  • krivchenskyi

    krivchenskyi 22 October 2014 17:09

    Good cafe for an ordinary dinner or lunch. The food is very tasty, there are plenty to choose from, but for the Grand event is not the best place.

  • inga_telonova

    inga_telonova 20 October 2014 14:14

    Good restaurant with delicious food, but the selection of drinks here are very scarce.

  • marusya<3

    marusya<3 15 October 2014 13:56

    Modern and cosy restaurant with reasonable prices, large portions and great hookah!

  • havrosha

    havrosha 10 October 2014 18:06

    Excellent restaurant - a wide variety of food, service, atmosphere - all at a high level. And here make excellent hookah fragrant and pleasant)

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