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Restaurant Zaroob (Notch)

  • Kitchen:
  • Service
  • Interior
  • Zaroob (Notch)
  • Zaroob (Notch)
  • Zaroob (Notch)
  • Zaroob (Notch)
  • Zaroob (Notch)
  • Zaroob (Notch)
  • Zaroob (Notch)
  • Zaroob (Notch)
  • Zaroob (Notch)
  • Zaroob (Notch)
  • Location

    • Джумейра (Jumeirah)
  • Kitchen:

    • Arab
    • Vegetarian
    • Eastern
    • Lebanese
  • Features

    • For children
    • Home delivery
    • Cafe
    • Restaurant
  • Average check

    • 1500-1999 rubles
  • Smoking room

    • No
  • VIP lounge

    • No

About the institution

Zaroob restaurant is a popular and inexpensive place in which you can very quickly get your order and as quickly because the food is prepared very tasty to eat them. The perfect place for a tasty and inexpensive meal, stop in the middle of bustling Dubai and get some rest. Immediately striking neon lights outside the restaurant, surprised by some elements of the interior, but it gives the restaurant a certain liveliness and originality. This restaurant just doesn\'t fit in dignified and noble boring splendor of a number of other restaurants, so come here often to truly relax.


Zaroob - a bright representative of the Lebanese and Arabic food, but to eat here at much lower prices than in other institutions. Here you will find delicious dishes and vegetarians, and meat-lovers. The salad is simple and delicious, served many sauces.Special attention deserves the falafel, which is served in a small non - traditional dishes-the bucket! The barbecue here is just excellent, often by orders food with them, and again to feel the unforgettable taste of food cooked with love for food. Cooks in just master!


Zaroob - a bright representative of funk-style interior, at first glance, plain, but upon closer inspection you realize that the best interior and don\'t need! Simplicity, even some deliberate demonstration it creates the style that Dubai will never see. Zaroob not going to compete with stridently-fine dining, he had them beat in the restaurant comes a lot of visitors who love tasty and inexpensive meal, take a break from the oppressive ostentatious wealth of the bustling city. Zaroob is located on two floors, on the ground - stools and tables with small divided chairs, and on the second - large tables and very comfortable.


The restaurant free dress code, there is a possibility to pay by card or cash. Also to services of visitors - order dishes at home, on the go. The service Zaroob - fast, friendly and pleasant. The property is a few minutes walk from the subway, near to Park the car.

Mode of operation:

  • The restaurant is open around the clock.


  • , Dubai Shop # 1, Ground Floor Jumeirah Tower - Sheikh Zayed Road
  • 04 327 6060

Reviews: 6


  • cherishka

    cherishka 31 October 2014 15:19

    Fantastic place where you can comfortably and eat even one) waiters and beautiful music will easily brighten up the minute order and the food will bring a lot of fun!

  • amatue

    amatue 29 October 2014 17:47

    Very cozy and nice place. However, going here best for Breakfast or lunch - they are the most suitable atmosphere!

  • kurtizanka2013

    kurtizanka2013 26 October 2014 16:56

    Went here as a family, and we all really enjoyed the local cuisine, but the service was just disgusting! Sleepy waiters barely move between the tables, and a lot of time talking among themselves, even when a lot of people in the restaurant.

  • inga_telonova

    inga_telonova 20 October 2014 14:16

    Stunning restaurant serving Arabic cuisine. Must try the Turkish coffee!

  • marusya<3

    marusya<3 15 October 2014 13:57

    A charming place, with unique Arabic cuisine, plus a very polite and smiling waiters))

  • garik76

    garik76 12 October 2014 16:50

    Good restaurant with an interesting interior.

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