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Restaurant Samad Al Iraqi (Samad Al Iraqi)

  • Kitchen:
  • Service
  • Interior
  • Samad Al Iraqi (Samad Al Iraqi)
  • Samad Al Iraqi (Samad Al Iraqi)
  • Samad Al Iraqi (Samad Al Iraqi)
  • Samad Al Iraqi (Samad Al Iraqi)
  • Samad Al Iraqi (Samad Al Iraqi)
  • Samad Al Iraqi (Samad Al Iraqi)
  • Samad Al Iraqi (Samad Al Iraqi)
  • Samad Al Iraqi (Samad Al Iraqi)
  • Samad Al Iraqi (Samad Al Iraqi)
  • Location

    • Джумейра (Jumeirah)
  • Kitchen:

    • International
    • Fish
    • Mediterranean
  • Features

    • Live music
    • Summer veranda
    • Restaurant
    • Steaks
  • Average check

    • 1000-1499 rubles
  • Smoking room

    • No
  • VIP lounge

    • No

About the institution

Probably the best restaurant of the Iraqi cuisine in Dubai - this restaurant Samad Al Iraqi. Best here on the ancient Sumerian recipes, cook the fish on the open fire, with amazing spices. Everything here is full of expectation that now bring a dish that is hard to forget. And so it is. The restaurant service was excellent, food is delicious, the atmosphere is under be the Arab sheiks, but at a much lower price.


Samad Al Iraqi is positioned as a restaurant with the Iraqi cuisine, a special place belongs to the seafood. Many of them are cooked over an open fire, is very healthy and tasty food. To order often serves absolutely free hot even bread, a variety of snacks. The menu is extensive, there are plenty to choose from for both children and adults.


Restaurant Samad al Iraqi outside, and inside is decorated so that you understand I got to the place where the Holy revered traditions of the East. Recognizable tastefully decorated interior, rich, but without unnecessarily pretentious style decoration, elegant tables and chairs in the hall, an outdoor terrace with lots of very beautiful tables - institution worthy of the distinguished guests.


In Samad Al Iraqi, made to dress nicely, so the dress code, although free, but you need to dress accordingly. The restaurant is suitable for couples and for business meetings. Accepted as cash, and cards. The cost of the check varies from 50 to 200 AED.

Mode of operation:

  • Daily, from 9 a12.30m. to 2.30 in the morning


  • , Dubai Beach Park Plaza Centre, Jumeirah Rd - Dubai - UAE
  • 04 342 7887

Reviews: 6


  • garik76

    garik76 31 October 2014 15:44

    Excellent European restaurant, decorated in old style. In the hall is very comfortable and fresh, and prepared delicious.

  • kilka_v_souse

    kilka_v_souse 28 October 2014 15:22

    A little too dark restaurant, but otherwise all very civilized and efficiently.

  • kurtizanka2013

    kurtizanka2013 26 October 2014 16:59

    Went here for lunch, and everything was very nice, but service could be better!

  • terelova_g

    terelova_g 20 October 2014 14:21

    Beautiful decor inside and great food, but service is not the best class. Waited 20 minutes, while to take our order, even though the people in the restaurant were not so many!

  • genya_voronova

    genya_voronova 15 October 2014 14:23

    A delightful restaurant with an elegant seafood!

  • requezzo

    requezzo 10 October 2014 18:10

    All in all a very cosy restaurant with delicious food and a wide choice of menu. The disadvantages can be attributed, perhaps, inflated prices and a poorly lit room.

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